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Helping you Feel Calm, Confident, and Compassionate



Through individual therapy, you will gain insights about your relationships and unhealthy thinking patterns. You will explore the origins of your feelings of depression, anxiety, and dissatisfaction in social and occupational aspects of your life. We will work together to improve your relationships, mood, and motivation. I use a collaborative and multicultural approach to help you get the unique care you want.



Couples therapy can help partners feel connected with each other again. In counseling session, we focus on helping partners increase empathy for each other and address ways to treat each other with more respect. By increasing self-awareness and honesty, you both will feel connected and understood. Couples therapy can be life changing and eye opening.



Family can mean so many different things. Whether you're thinking about having a child, questions about coparenting, or experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, I can support you in understanding those complex feelings. Maybe you're feeling more emotional being newly pregnant, anxious as a new parent, or feeling unhappy, counseling can help you understand ways to take care of yourself. I also help many families overcome feelings surrounding fertility issues, child loss, adoptions, and postpartum depression and anxiety. Mental health counseling includes support during perinatal, postpartum, and antepartum periods.



The demands of parenting can change as you add different personalities to your family and as family members reach different ages. I help all types of families  to learn effective skills so that you can enjoy parenting and have loving and kind experiences with family members. With a  firm and compassionate approach, your children will feel cared for by you and crave those positive interactions. In addition, I can help you navigate your child's diagnosis if s/he received one from a medical doctor or if her/his school is concerned about an issue.



Sometimes we can feel isolated and disconnected from the community around us. This can perpetuate feelings of loneliness, worthlessness, and unhappiness. I encourage all of my clients to get involved in communities and have a healthy interest in the diverse experiences that Chicagoans can offer. Through volunteer work, we can feel more connected to others and find ways to increase compassion for ourselves and each other. As part of The Chicago Kindness Project,
I can help you find a volunteer service that would be right for you!



I am dedicated to contributing to the systems around me. Through organizational consultation, I can help improve your work environment. Through mental health training, I can help your nonprofit or grassroots employees better serve their populations. And through supervising licensed mental health clinicians, I can assure that more clients are receiving high quality and ethical care. I provide one-on-one and group consultation and trainings; individual supervision of licensed clinicians; and parenting and mental health courses. Please contact me via email for more information:

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