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I’m Jessica E. Plonka, PsyD, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist based in Chicago, IL. I work with individuals and couples who want a trusting and collaborative relationship with their therapist.  Whether you moved, had a breakup, had a career issues, had a loss, or deal with lifelong anxiety/depression; now is the moment you are seeking support. It is my privilege to lift clients up through those life hurdles. I work with clients with a wide range of concerns and from diverse cultural backgrounds. I use a holistic, feminist, and multicultural approach with every client, to better understand their unique experiences and provide treatment that is effective for them. My priority is to take the best ethical care of my clients.

I help clients gain insight into stubborn thought and relationship patterns and explore ways to be a more active member in their own lives. Clients feel empowered and confident to make bold moves. I also work with clients to increase self-compassion and kindness. By doing this, clients feel more capable of constructive choices and satisfying relationships. Through collaboration, empathy, and acceptance, clients gain understanding into their depression, anxiety, and reactions to changes, grief, and loss.

What is The Chicago Kindness Project? My hope is to help individuals feel more stable and compassionate with themselves. Through that process, I see clients become more socially aware, get involved in their communities, and see how they have an impact on others. By helping one client at a time feel happier, I am helping communities become more socially responsible. Chicago has many different neighborhoods and types of communities. I hope to bring kindness to all areas of Chicago through counseling, volunteering, consulting, and advocating. 

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