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White Accountability: Using a Cheesy Analogy so it Feels less Threatening

Red Light

Hiding behind white privilege

Sulking around in white guilt

Ignoring racism within us

Rationalizing our biases away

Benefiting from others’ oppression

Turning against each other

Ignoring history

Giving into the hopelessness, which immobilizes us

Acting like looting in 2020 is the first and only violent act

Being hard on ourselves

Green Light

Taking accountability

Listening to people of color

Advocating and amplifying voices of BIPOC

Reading about psychohistory of Racism in America

Showing up

Holding two opposing feelings at once

Teaching other white folks

Sitting in the discomfort of change

Being kind to ourselves and others


Compassionately being bold

Developing a positive white identity instead of defaulting to the white identity America has given us, which is racist

Yellow Light (yield, wait, observe)

Being angry


Taking up space in the conversation

Knowing the difference between self reflection and selfishness

Knowing the difference between stop talk and stop being silent

Knowing the difference between between listening and speaking up

Knowing the difference between lifting up others and feeling bad for others

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